Whitewashed Adobe: The Rise of Los Angeles

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From 1850 to 1950, El pueblo de la Reina de Los Angeles was transformed from a small frontier outpost in the distant Mexican territory of Alta California into a sprawling and storied American city called Los Angeles – its economic and cultural influence extending across the nation and the world. How did this remarkable achievement . . . → Read More: Whitewashed Adobe: The Rise of Los Angeles

VIDEO: Francisco Balderrama on Mexican Repatriation


Dr. Francisco Balderrama shares insightful commentary about the repatriation of Mexicans and Mexican Americans in the 1930s when people of Mexican ancestry were racially profiled, rounded up and forcefully deported to Mexico without any due process. An estimated 1.2 million of these people were United States citizens.

In 2005, the State of California passed . . . → Read More: VIDEO: Francisco Balderrama on Mexican Repatriation

LA’s Oasis for African Americans – Val Verde

This is the place where LA's African Americans created a haven in nature for them to enjoy during the long era of segregation in Los Angeles.

For those amongst Los Angeles’ seniors who are of a racial minority background, the memories of Los Angeles as a racially segregated city are still fresh and painfully raw. Even as late as the early 1980s, Black Angelenos could not buy or rent homes in many areas of the city and surrounding suburbs. But even . . . → Read More: LA’s Oasis for African Americans – Val Verde

VIDEO: San Gabriel Mission Playhouse Tour


Producer-Director Walter Dominguez recently visited one of Los Angeles’ important historic theaters, the San Gabriel Mission Playhouse, and recorded this video mini-tour. Located in the LA suburb of San Gabriel (the first European settlement in the region, established in 1771), the beautiful neo-colonial Mission-Style theater was built in the 1920s to showcase the spectacular . . . → Read More: VIDEO: San Gabriel Mission Playhouse Tour

Waves from Japan

The Matsui Family, Los Angeles 1938

The gargantuan earthquake that unleashed on March 11 under the Pacific Ocean just off the coast of northern Japan was so powerful that it shifted the axis of the earth and caused the planet to spin faster; it moved the entire island nation eight feet to the east. What this event did to the nation . . . → Read More: Waves from Japan

VIDEO: Stories From Los Angeles

Stories from L.A_Still

Today we have a short featurette called “Stories From Los Angeles” featuring parts from two of our favorite interviews.

In the first part, noted author/historian George Sanchez (Becoming Mexican American) talks about one of L.A.’s most unique features and why it makes for such complex social interactions. Then we have long time Los Angeles . . . → Read More: VIDEO: Stories From Los Angeles


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